Collection: Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror is one of the leading national newspapers in the UK today. Since the first photograph appeared on the cover in 1904, we have been capturing moments that shaped history and split seconds that will be remembered for all time. Our photographers have documented the story of the 20th Century: the passion, celebration, triumph and tragedy that defined the most dynamic period of human experience. When combined with our other titles, the result is the single largest known British photographic collection, an extensive archive of over 200 million images. Our photojournalism teams had unprecedented access to the industry’s biggest and brightest stars and were often invited backstage for photos, or to their hotels for interviews. From Sophia Loren to Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan to David Bowie, we were fortunate to be trusted to shoot incredible artists of all kinds. The result is a wonderful portfolio of both staged and more candid shots. Here are some of our favourites, handpicked as a curated collection exclusively for Morrison Hotel Gallery.

Daily Mirror