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  • Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, 1978
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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, 1978


Keith Richards got busted on a drug charge in Canada, and his sentence was to have the Stones put on a show in Canada for sight-impaired people. I called the Stone's office to see if I would be able to shoot this concert for the various magazines for which I freelanced including Time, Newsweek, etc. They were only allowing two photographers to shoot the concert, and I was one of them. I could shoot the whole show, the stage was only 3-feet high. Here was the icing on the cake: I asked a security guard if where I was kneeling was OK to shoot from, he laughed and said that not only was it OK, but I could also stand up if I wanted to! The first 15 or so rows were reserved for sight-impaired concert-goers -- so I could stand up while shooting the whole show. I brought 80 rolls of film, color and B&W, which at the time I thought that I might use maybe 20. When the show started, I realized just what a dream shoot this turned out to be: The Stones were 6 feet away from me and the lighting was perfect. I used all the film. The shots appeared in more than 60 magazines worldwide. -- Richard E. AaronTri-X film ASA800 pushed 1/60 sec f/5.6 50mm lens. Available light.

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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, 1978
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