Collection: Christian Witkin

Dutch-American photographer and filmmaker, Christian Witkin (b.1966) explores the light and darkness of the human psyche. From the tough streets of New York and Los Angeles to the subcontinent of India, he is deeply curious about people and cultures. While the scope of his work is vast, Christian’s aesthetic reflects his urban and intercontinental influences. Artists who’s work inspires him are the socially vulnerable portraits of Alice Neal; the streetwise photos of Diane Arbus; the anthropological motifs of August Sander, and the socially committed works of Walker Evans and Gordon Parks.

Christian’s work has been published internationally in major magazines including The New York Times Magazine, Vogue International editions, Vanity Fair, The Face and Harper’s Bazaar. He has received commissions to create landmark portrait campaigns for Nike, the GAP, IBM, Amex and Microsoft. Awards include the SPD Award in Photography, American Photography, Communication Arts and Photo District News. His work has been exhibited (solo & group) in New York City, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

After calling New York City his home for 30 years, Christian relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 where he has been working on preparing to publish and exhibit from his vast archive, including the book prototype for “Portraits from Earth, Volume 1”, celebrating 30 years of celebrity portraiture. In addition, he is writing and directing his first short film, titled “Bad Donna”, a psychological thriller and character analysis of a disturbingly beautiful middle aged woman living in Los Angeles.

Christian Witkin