Collection: Colm Henry

Colm Henry has worked in editorial photography in Ireland for the past 33 years. His career in the music industry started when the Irish music magazine Hot Press was conceived. He quickly established himself as the publications main photographer for a period of 10 years. Working closely with U2, Philip Lynott, Rory Gallagher and every Irish band trying to make it either at home in Ireland or abroad. A growing reputation in band portrait photography also gave him good access to touring international musicians.Colm was one of the few people who knew what we were about in the 80's. - BonoHenry's style is characterised by both a casualness and an intimacy with his subjects and is regarded as one of Irelands more stylish portrait photographers. In 1998 he received the Best of Irish award. Moving from totally music subjects in the 90's, Colm worked on Irish film and theatre productions including various versions of Riverdance and was involved in setting up a number of celebrity and lifestyle magazines in the past decade. Like many photographers Colm enjoys going through his early archives and finding photographs that have either been previously overlooked or that have become more significant over time.

Colm Henry