Collection: Katarina Benzova

Kat is a professional photographer based in Venice, Los Angeles, born and raised in the mountains of Slovakia and always up for an adventure.

After a decade, working around the globe as a fashion model, her ambitions finally outgrew the runway, promoting a deeper need to rediscover both herself and the rest of the world from the other side of the lens. She has spent the last 12 years as a personal photographer, touring the world with everyone from Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC to Aerosmith. And regularly shooting models and celebrities outside of music industry for magazines, campaigns and charity projects.

Her work has appeared in Vogue, Rolling Stone, NME, Forbes, Variety, Classic Rock and many others as well as ads for Maserati, Rockstar Energy, Gibson Guitars and exhibitions worldwide including multiple exhibitions during Cannes Film Festival.

She is an adventurer and world traveler and has parlayed her documentary skills both in print and film. She worked on a documentary “Revolucion” and published book of the same title takes place in Cuba, telling the story of one of the first American bands to play in the country, The Dead Daisies. She was also part of a documentary team that worked on a film about Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India.

She has devoted her time and creativity to a number of worthy causes, and in 2017 decided to establish her own foundation, MISSION 11, which produces photographic campaigns for charitable organizations to help create a bigger impact. She worked with Nelson Mandelas Foundation: Legacy Of Hope, The Heroes Project, NAMI, Animals Asia, Janie's Fund, Surfrider Foundation and many others. She is creating and producing campaigns involving powerful voices like Axl Rose, Jason Momoa, Anthony Kiedis, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Moby and many others.

“I’m trying to capture musicians when they are like lightning rods receiving and transmitting the energy of the universe for all to hear. There are moments that happen on stage, moments of sheer bliss that transcend all. Where the music is flowing through the musicians and connects with the audience in an incredibly transcendental way. Capturing those spiritual high points and artists at the perfect moment when their souls are completely exposed.”

Kat carries on the torch of history's great arts photographers capturing and inspiring an heir of mystery, excitement and drama with every image. 

Katarina Benzova