Collection: Ken Regan

Ken Regan developed a passion for photography at a very young age. Raised in the Bronx, his world was New York City and it was in New York City that he would cut his teeth as a photojournalist. From the New York Yankees to the Fillmore East, Ken’s pictures told the story of a city during a time of transition, while they told his own story as well.

Ken’s unparalleled knack for capturing a moment quickly paved his way to becoming a respected member of the press community. No story was ever out of reach for him to cover. He could walk into an event without a press pass, and walk out with the next cover of Newsweek or Time. Ken’s career took a path that defied labeling. With such a wide array of assignments thrown his way throughout the 1960’s, Ken learned how to artfully cut to the heart of anything that crossed his lens. He wasn’t specifically a sports photographer, a music photographer, a fashion, or landscape photographer. Ken was a photographer.

Ken’s work has appeared in countless magazines over his vast career, including such esteemed publications as Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, People, Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly, among many others. He’s garnered numerous awards for his work. In the 1970’s, Rolling Stone named Ken as one of their Seven Masters of Photography. Ken’s work has also been exhibited in galleries all over the globe.

He’s an author of many books, including such highly regarded titles as Knockout: The Art Of Boxing and All Access: The Rock N’ Roll Photography Of Ken Regan.

Ken Regan