Collection: Lynn Goldsmith Collection of Elvis Presley Photographs

Pictured here holding a photograph of Elvis gazing out of a train window in 1956, is world renowned artist/photographer Lynn Goldsmith. This image, having appeared as the front and back cover the New York Times best selling book Careless Love, has become iconic. It’s included in the collection of Elvis photographs derived from a discovery of negatives in 1974 made by Lynn. Out of a great love for both photography and Elvis, she purchased original transparencies from the publication that owned them. 

They had been poorly stored and most were faded, scratched, and torn.  Research was done to try and find out who the various photographers were. Only one photographer was found and his negatives were returned to him. With a strong connection to these moments in the life of an artist who changed the world, Lynn felt a responsibility to safely store the film. Fortunately, by the year 2000, scanning and retouching techniques allowed her to bring back the original colors as well as  repair tears and scratches. Now Lynn, as a founder of Rock and Roll Photo Gallery, is able to offer archival pigment prints, each made under her supervision.

Every print’s embossed with a stamp verifying it comes from her collection. It also comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. If desired, color images can also be ordered in black and white or sepia tone.

Lynn Goldsmith Collection of Elvis Presley Photographs