Collection: Rene Huemer

René Huemer was born in Wels, Austria on the 9th of May 1977. Influenced by his mother his interest for art developed throughout the years and after receiving his first camera at the age of 10 he found his passion. But still there was a long way to go and finally at the age of 27 he was able to study photography, founded his own business while still in training and won several national awards for his work.

He always had a mature fascination for music and combined this interest with his photography profession by shooting within the music business. He shot countless live shows the past years and filled his portfolio with images of acts such as the Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, Leonard Cohen, Roxy Music, The Who, ZZ Top and hundreds more. It didn't take long before he started working for record labels such as Warner and Universal music and his unique perspective and angles soon made him a name within the scene. after several years of shooting musicians on stage, he developed his own portrait-lightning in order to work with the artists off-stage.

Artists such as the Dave Matthews band, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Duff McKagan sat down for a few minutes and the outcome of those meetings are truly powerful and impressive head shots.

He currently lives in Vienna, Austria and works within Europe and the United States.

Rene Huemer