Collection: Steve Joester

Steve Joester is a British born photographer and mixed media artist, now working and living in New York City. Joester was a leading rock & roll photographer in the 70’s & 80’s. His images were commissioned for many album sleeves and posters. I loved working in the 'Pit'. There, the show was right in your face and you could focus on capturing the climactic moments, the raw energy of the live performance, Rock and Roll!

Working with the likes of Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Clash, Pink Floyd and many more, he established his reputation as a live shooter, It was a blast!

In an explosive interpretation of the rock icons that left their indelible mark on our generation, Joester’s unique mixed media works transcend his photography. Using an unconventional mixture of materials, oil stick, nail polish, burlap, solder, gold leaf paint, on his canvases, he creates a truly three dimensional visual for each piece and transports the viewer right into the action. Joester invigorates the energy of rock & roll in the raw, adding layer upon layer of his own interpretation of the emotion and power of live performance.

“A perfect blend of chaos and control,” says Joester, “It freezes the moment, the memory, and explodes onto the canvas.“

Steve Joester