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  • Rodney Dangerfield (scale) NYC, 1981 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Rodney Dangerfield (scale) NYC, 1981


“When I went to shoot Rodney Dangerfield for US Weekly, he opened the door wearing a very loud bathrobe and said, “What do you want? You woke me up from my beauty sleep.” Then he slammed the door in my face. He opened it again and said, “Hi I’m Rodney. Now what do you want?” He didn’t look like he was kidding and honestly I really don’t think he wanted his picture taken. He finally welcomed me in and I noticed this was not the funny Rodney I saw just a year earlier on the big screen with his starring role in Caddyshack. He said, “Okay kid, I’m going to go change.” I said “Noooo, don’t change Rodney that’s perfect.” He gave me a look and said, “Now what?” Every time I asked to shoot in a room he would make up an excuse. So I set up my photo background and did portraits. I started bringing in props from around his apartment. Rodney made me work for it, but in the end I think we did well. He gave me the shots that I wanted.” — Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss

Photograph printed from the original film or digital file.
Hand-Signed/Estate Stamped by the Photographer or Estate.
Limited Edition Available in Select Sizes.
Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Rodney Dangerfield (scale) NYC, 1981 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
  • Comedy
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Mark Weiss