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  • Jimi Hendrix, 23 Brook Street, London 1969
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Jimi Hendrix, 23 Brook Street, London 1969


It was about a week or so after the notorious performance on ‘Lulu Show’, where Jimi stopped playing ‘Hey Joe’ and breaking into ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ by the soon to disband ‘Cream.’ I went along with MM’s Bob Dawbarn for an interview with Jimi at his flat on Brook Street one evening in January 1969, just before his Albert Hall show. It seemed a quaint little upstairs flat in the heart of ‘posh’ Mayfair. His girlfriend Kathy Etchingham had furnished it in the most tasteful ‘hippy style of the day’ and the flat was close to all the clubs and pubs in the ‘hood’.Jimi told us, over a cup of tea, that the house next door was once Handel’s residence. Jimi said he’s got a few of Handel’s records and we had a chuckle as to what a ‘jam’ with Handel would produce. I was photographing along as we talked about music, life and everything under the sun including a good laugh about the Lulu Show episode.Jimi’s old flat is now a museum furnished in a similar style to how it was in when he was living there. Who would have imagined back then that Jimi Hendrix would also have a ‘blue plaque’ alongside George Frederic Handel’s. It was said of another great man, “From the coffers of his genius, he enriched the world’.I’d say that goes for Jimi too, in just 4 years he’d changed the world of music and art and left behind a body of work which will endure and delight the generations to come, just listen…………

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Jimi Hendrix, 23 Brook Street, London 1969
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