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  • Led Zeppelin, Palais des Sports, Paris, 1973 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Led Zeppelin, Palais des Sports, Paris, 1973


"Arriving at the prestigious Hotel George V in Paris after a traumatic trip, as we landed during a thunderstorm after the plane had been struck by lightning, writer Roy Hollingsworth and I headed straight for the bar. We were met by a couple of ‘heavy’ looking characters who told us that Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin’s manager, wasn’t pleased with us. Unbeknownst to Roy and me, the Melody Maker had given the new Led Zeppelin album Houses of the Holy a less than glowing review. We ordered the strongest drink we could and soon the looming figure of Peter Grant appeared before us. Peter gave us the ‘third degree’ and let us know that he hoped we would like that nights show at the Palais des Sports. The show was in fact amazing and despite a rather unruly crowd the band was in top form. It did get a good review in the Melody Maker and all was well. This picture was taken at the last drumbeat of the song, though I can’t remember what song." -- Barrie Wentzell

30x40 size is archival digital only.

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Led Zeppelin, Palais des Sports, Paris, 1973 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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