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  • Marc Bolan of T Rex, Lincolnshire 1972 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Marc Bolan of T Rex, Lincolnshire 1972


The Electric Warrior had left behind his acoustic ‘Tolkien’ image and was now a Glam Rock Teen Idol! This show was one of the best with Marc in full ‘Rock & Roll’ performance mode. With the audience right up to the stage allowing some of the eager girls close enough to touch their idol. The promoters had organized a ‘Marc Bolan Look Alike’ contest and after the show I was waiting for the coach to take us back to London and was talking to the girl who had won the look-alike contest. We came across Marc’s former bongo player, Steve Peregrine Took who was sitting on the pavement looking rather lost and as I was chatting with him asking what he was up to these days, a white Rolls Royce drove up stopped, the window rolled down, it was Marc himself, asking if I wanted a lift back to London.The ‘look-alike’ girl was stunned at seeing her alter ego face to face. Marc said a few words to his old partner Steve then we left him and the lookalike girl in a trance and headed back to town driven by June Bolan. Marc and I drank a bottle of brandy in the car while he cranked up the volume to his new album. I believe we stopped to ‘relieve’ ourselves by the roadside and fell into a big muddy puddle and June refused to let us back into the car until we took off our muddy shoes and Marc & I promised to be better behaved as we headed back to town in a quieter mode. Quite a night and one of many happy and eventful ones.

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Marc Bolan of T Rex, Lincolnshire 1972 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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