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  • Stephen Stills, San Francisco, CA, 1969 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Stephen Stills, San Francisco, CA, 1969


This is during the making of Déja Vu. We're in the Caravan Lodge Motel, and we'd all rented these funky, funky rooms, because it was in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, and it was only two blocks from Wally Heider's studio, which is where we were making the album. Neil had rented a room and had two bush babies living with him, with giant big eyes. And Stephen's room was next door, and I was talking to him one day about the fact that we didn't have an opener for the album, like how 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' was the opener for the first CSN record. We wanted something that will entice the listener to continue listening. And I told Steve, 'We don't have that.' And he goes, 'Yeah, you're right, let me think about that.' And the very next day he came he said, 'Hey, Willy, listen to this . . . ' And he played me 'Carry On.'

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Stephen Stills, San Francisco, CA, 1969 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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