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  • Bob Dylan, New York City, 1965 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Bob Dylan, New York City, 1965


1965 was same year that inventor Leo Fender -- who'd revolutionized the way the world heard and played popular music with his groundbreaking electric guitar and amplifier designs in the 1940s and 1950s -- sold his world-famous instrument company to CBS. It was also the year that Bob Dylan would pick up a solid-body Fender guitar and send shock-waves through pop culture with his own newly-electrified sound. In December 1965, Dylan, his sunglasses resting atop a Fender Band Master amp, ran through some runs on a well-worn Fender bass guitar for a Don Hunstein photo-shoot at the Columbia Recording Studios.

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Bob Dylan, New York City, 1965 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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