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  • Motley Crue, Hollywood, CA, 1982 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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Motley Crue, Hollywood, CA, 1982


“I began shooting for men’s magazine Oui in the early ‘80s. We were looking for bands that would be up for anything. In L.A., I met with Bryn Bridenthal, the head of publicity at Elektra Records; the label had a new band on its roster that she thought might fit the bill. Bryn arranged a dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town with Mötley Crüe. I knew right away that this was the kind of band I wanted to hang with. We ate some tacos, drank tequila until we couldn’t see straight, and ended up at the Rainbow. That August, Elektra released Mötley’s debut, Too Fast for Love, and we went back out to L.A. and did a session and interview for Oui. It was the band’s first shoot to garner them national attention. Afterward we ended up at the Rainbow with the models from the shoot. We were in the infamous back corner booth where there was some under-the-table action happening. It was a night to remember.” — Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss

“Bring the motorcycles, bring the girls, bring the blood, bring everything! For me it was, ‘How far can we push it?’ There was a nice synergy between the artist and photographer, because Mark seemed to be one of us. At the time—and, actually, still—we had a problem with ‘non-artists.’ If a real conservative cat came in, a professional photographer with his four assistants and that whole thing, it felt like you were shooting a box of soap. And we’re not a box of soap— we’re a fucking caged animal! But with Mark, we felt like, ‘Here’s a kindred spirit.’ In fact, I know that afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and got so drunk—the band, all the models, Mark, the whole entourage—that we all got thrown out of the restaurant.” — Nikki Sixx

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Motley Crue, Hollywood, CA, 1982 - Morrison Hotel Gallery
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